2013 Ornament Exchange: Katy


Happy holidays everyone! Laney and I are so excited to be part of the 2013 ornament exchange organized by Kelli of True bias. An event that combines Christmas and surprise packages in the mail, sign me up!

So the big question was obviously what to make. While contemplating things sewists love I mused that cats rank right up there with tea and fabric hoarding – thus followed the conclusion that I should make something feline. Then I stumbled upon this tutorial on how to make animal pom poms, totally lost my mind for an hour, returned to earth, and decided I was going to be the genius that modified this tutorial  to make cat pom poms. I would start a movement, cat pom pom ornaments for all! I purchased yarn, studied the animal pom pom tutorial, and started wrapping. A couple mutants later I proudly presented a pom pom (the little guy on the right) to my boyfriend and asked what member of the animal kingdom he thought it represented. “Well it is distinctly mammalian.”

distinctly mammalian

Mother of pearl!

Not easily discouraged I wrapped more, but the more pom poms I created the closer and closer they resembled koalas, lions and the occasional brown bear. So to summarize I was unable to create the definitive feline pom pom masterpiece or a truly original pom pom animal for that matter, but they’re still stinkin cute if I do say so myself.


And now its tutorial time!

How to make a koala pom pom:Ornament tutorial image 1

1)      Cut out 4 pom pom makers from cardboard. For this tutorial pom pom makers are semi circles cut from cardboard with one inch tabs extending from either side of the half circle (please see image 1). The radius of the outer edge should be one inch while the radius of the inner edge should be approximately  ½ inch. On the inside (brown side) of each cardboard piece a smaller cardboard semi-circle is glued.  The outer edge of this semi-circle is about ¾ of an inch while the inner edge is ½ inch.

2)      Paper clip two pom pom makers together on the 1 inch tabs. The smaller carboard semi-circles should be on the inside.

3)      The cardboard pom pom makers create the midline or center of the koala face (take a peek at picture 13) therefore the first features you  will construct are the nose and mouth. Use white yarn to create the koala’s mouth by wrapping yarn around the pom pom maker three to four times with white yarn. To create a mouth that spreads from ear to ear it is important that the white yarn is wrapped on top of itself. The nose is made from black yarn wrapped both on-top of itself and along the pom pom maker. The thickest portion of the nose should be next to the mouth and taper as you move up the pom pom maker or midline of the kola face.

4)      Clip the ends of your white and black yarn and begin wrapping grey yarn.

5)       Cover the nose and mouth with grey yarn while creating one to two yarn thickness along the entire pom pom maker semi circle.

6)      Now it is time to create your koala eyes wrap black yarn around pom pom maker twice above the nose. Clip black yarn.

7)      Continue wrapping  your pom pom maker with grey yarn but do not wrap beyond the semi- circle (keep the tabs free of yarn). Grey yarn should be wrapped until the inside of the semi-circle is nearly filled.

8)      Place a pencil tangential to the outer edge of your pom pom maker and continue to wrap grey yarn around the cardboard and pencil. This will create slightly longer yarns which will become your ears.

9)      Create the back of your koala head on the second set of pom pom makers. Simply wrap grey yarn around the pom pom makers until the center of the semi circle is filled.

Ornament tutorial image 2

10)      Now it is time to join your pom pom makers into one glorious head. Fold your one inch tabs outward so that they are perpendicular to the semi circle. Join your pom pom makers together at the tabs with paper clips.

11)      Time to snippy snip snip. I began with side that was to become the koala’s face. Clip your yarn along the outer edge of the pom pom maker semi circle. This is where those smaller semi circle pieces from step one come into play, they provide space between the two halves of the pom pom maker for your scissors to slip into.

12)      I found it helpful to start threading your central yarn now before cutting the back half of the koala head. Thread a long piece of grey yarn between the two pom pom maker semi circles.

13)      Stop and admire how freakin cute your pom pom is! Hello there little guy!

14)      Turn your pom pom around and snip the back of your koala head along the outer edge of the pom pom semi circle.

15)      Continue threading the long piece of grey yarn from step 12 though the back pom pom maker semi circles.

16)      Pull ends of long grey yarn up from the top of your koala head and tie a tight square knot. This knot will hold your pom pom together.

17)      Give your little guy a shave and shape the ears. Whooh, the end!


If you’re still confused check out the original animal pom pom tutorial or shoot me an email at katyandlaney@gmail.com. You can find information about how to make a bear or lion pom pom here, pom pom eyes here, halloween pom poms here, flower pom poms here, alphabet pom poms here, and even a pom pom playset here. Long live pom poms!


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