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Iris Belladone

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I had this iris and peony print cotton in my stash for a while before I decided what to do with it. I had been eying it at Grey’s and it went on sale I scooped up the remaining four yards. (It did seem like an excessive amount, but I loved it, and I was glad I had as much as I did because it allowed me to be really exact with my pattern matching.)

Back Detail

So, I washed it and set it aside waiting for the perfect pattern to show off its vibrant colors and large, lovely print, and there it stayed for about a year or more. Then, one fateful Wednesday, I went to sewing club and Katy was handling some hot pink piping. I froze, and with the most serious of serious expressions and tone, asked her where she had acquired it so I could get my mitts on some. She told me our friend Sarah gave it to her, and it was the extra from a Charlotte skirt she was making. So, I asked if she had a plan for it, and Katy replied she didn’t, and offered it to me – oh, the joy! It was the perfect color to compliment my beloved iris fabric! After that the rest of the plan came together effortlessly. The Belladone Dress from Deer and Doe was the natural pattern choice with its cute back cut-out and waistband allowing for the piping and a contrasting color to be incorporated.


I loved making this pattern, I am not sure I can say anything more than has already been said about it. It fits beautifully, goes together simply, and looks absolutely adorable on everyone I’ve seen it on. Plus, it has pockets, and who doesn’t love a dress with pockets? I was extra careful in matching up the pattern at the pocket because once my father (seriously, my father of all people!) gave me a hard time about not matching the print at the pockets of previous floral print dress I made.

looking down



2 yards Pink piping

invisible zipper

hook and eye

iris print cotton fabric

eggplant purple cotton fabric


love my wall

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24 thoughts on “Iris Belladone

  1. Oh my gosh, this is absolutely beautiful! Great fabric choices – everything goes together wonderfully. And it fits you so well too. Jealous!!

  2. Hair cut!!! It looks sharp! I want want want this fabric, the colours are insanely beautiful. This is such a great make, the waistband and piping are perfect and that pattern matching is stunningly accurate, your father would be proud. Best Belladone I’ve seen to date. Thumbs up!

    • Haha, thanks! I actually entered my striped circle skirt for that challenge, I thought they wanted a more geometric-style print rather than floral… there was much deliberation over this, ha!

  3. Hi Laney
    Just wondering how you managed to sew the piping/bias to the neckline without any topstitching? Did you sew piping to neckline first then bias to both, and handstitch on the inside?
    Also the width of your waist band looks wider than the pattern piece – did you modify it? looks terrific!
    Thanks for satisfying my curiosity, I just love what you’ve done and was trying to achieve a similar effect with waistband. Hadn’t considered adding piping to the collar though!

    • The way I sewed on the piping and bias is exactly as you thought – piping first, then bias, then folded over and hand stitched on the inside. The wider waist band resulted from using a 3/8 seam allowance which resulted from matching the edge of the piping to the edge of the fabric – so the waistband ended up 1/2″ wider than the pattern called for.

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