Red Romper So lets talk about rompers…

The good,

The Good

the bad,

The Bad 2

and the camel toe.

McCalls 8611_The Camel toe

Oh how that camel toe haunted me while I was sewing my own romper. It is one of those fit mistakes that just can’t be overlooked.

And if  the above images aren’t enough to satisfy your appetite check out rompers by Katie and Clare! Yes I really fell down the proverbial romper rabbit hole searching for the perfect pattern.  My mania began with an image of McCall’s 5541 pattern envelope (far right in the good section). Alas, I searched high and low, but could not find my beloved anywhere on the internet. Then while writing this post I found that the pattern sold on ebay September 23rd while I was on holiday. NOOOOO!! So this is my desperate plea, if anyone can help me find (or loan me) this pattern I will send you fabric, money, my first born, you name it I am your slave. I hope everyone will understand when I say I MUST have this pattern.

But back to the romper at hand, vintage McCall’s 5539. Aren’t those bows adorable? And just because vintage pattern envelopes are so fun I put together a little homage to the 5539 envelope.

Pattern Homage 2

I made size 8 bust size 31.5 despite my bust being closer to a 32. I had planned to grade up the pattern, but when I compared measurements from my Iris shorts pattern with 5539 pattern pieces there wasn’t much difference. My guess is this pattern has a decent amount of ease which might be alright with a drapey fabric, but I choose a quilting cotton. Just look at how perfect this red is! I constructed the romper pretty much as directed with a few minor changes; (1) my romper is fully lined to add some heft to the bottom half since I used a quilting cotton (2)  the bows are tacked on as a decoration rather than a closure, the slit is now fastened with hook and eyes. The ties were just too thick in the cotton which made them impossible to tie into neat little bows.

Romper back

Red Romper

When I’m standing the fit is pretty good although the elastic waist tends to work its way up with time. The problems really begin when I sit, self inflicted and instant wedgy. I had hoped that this problem could be ignored if I just pulled the romper back into place as I stood up. But after wearing this baby all day I have to say 8 hours is too long to have wedgy. Plus all that pulling starts to wrinkle the shorts all weird. I think the sad truth is this romper is going to turn out to be a muslin. I really need to lengthen the torso a inch or two to drop the crotch and give my bum a little more room. Sad because I had such grand plans for how to style it for fall.

Romper with blazer

Rompers are just so versatile. This one even matches my crab hat (thanks Gretchen)! Anyone else rompin these days?


Pattern Vintage McCall’s 5539

2 yards of red quilting cotton

2 yards of lining

1 yard 5/8” elastic

1/2 yard interfacing

5 hook and eyes



Chambray button up, J Crew

Yellow Happy Bag, Dooney & Bourke

Sandles, thrifted

Head scarf, thrifted

Blazer, J Crew

Hounds tooth tights, Nordstrom

Tildon Flawless Bootie, Nordstrom

Crab hat!!!

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27 thoughts on “Rompin

    • The bathroom can be tricky, but I find it takes me less time to get in a romper than fiddling with tucked in shirts or tights. Then again I might run into real problems with my romper over tights styling. Hmmm, I might need to rethink that one.

    • I think you’re right, I’ll have to make this one again. It’s the last thing you want to think about when you finish the hem, but I’ve had a couple days away from it now. I just love those bows. Bows, bows, bows.

    • As much as I hate to admit it to myself I’ll have to make this again with a longer torso. Wedgies should only be enjoyed in moderation ;).

    • You can tell I spent a little too much time researching rompers ;). I’m glad I found this pattern, but I”m still dying to find 5541.

  1. SO ADORABLE! I love rompers! They have to be one of my favourite outfits. To look at. Sadly I can’t wear them as they make me look 9 months pregnant but I LOVE them on other people! The red and the bows – SO Perfect!

    • Haha. The pattern pics were pretty fun to do. Although, the pose where I’m smiling over my shoulder was surprisingly difficult. How does one look natural while turning their head around like that?

  2. There is nothing I love more than a good vintage pattern…love them so much…vintage patterns are THE BEST.
    You look adorable in your romper.
    And that danged camel toe is totally going to give me nightmares!

    • It is pretty amazing that no one at McCall’s seemed to notice that camel toe situation right in the middle of their pattern envelope.That poor model could NOT have been comfortable. haha

    • No worries. I know how you feel, I get really confused when I try to comment from my phone. I think your suggestion is a good fix. I’ll pull that romper out of the closet and see what can be done.

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