Playsuits for Two


So it’s been hard to keep this a secret, but we’ve been sewing PLAYSUITS!!!!

There have been adorable playsuits all over the internet (1, 2, 3, 4), but ours are based heavily on the Dolce & Gabbana ready to wear show for spring 2012 as part of Ping and Erins‘ Copycat Challenge. Although the base for both bustiers comes from Burdastyle bustier top 5/2011, we each made some personal touches. Take it away Laney!

Katy & Laney love playsuits


Laney: The angled shoulder strap shape of my bustier is based on this look in the Dolce & Gabbana 2012 ready to wear show. To create the angled straps I actually used the bodice front and top back pieces of the Belladone dress pattern from Deer and Doe as a guide. I cut away the bodice at an angle from where the shoulder meets the neck seam to the arm scye. I used a red cotton lawn underlined with a mid-weight red cotton for the exterior, and black cotton for the lining. All the fabrics I used in the top were actually scraps from previous projects. I interfaced the lining, and used boning at the side seams.

Laney collage

For the tulip shaped, tulip print skirt I used the skirt portion of the Nicola dress from Victory Patterns. I just made a waistband the length of the top edge of the wrap skirt and added snaps and a skirt slide bar to hold it in place. I love that this wrap skirt has enough coverage that you are not constantly worried about flashing your, ahem, ‘tulip’ – standing, walking, or sitting! It also has a lovely shape and elegant curve to the front. Much deliberation, and time went into selecting the perfect fabric for the skirt. I found this tulip stretch cotton on Mood’s website and fell in love with it, and when I saw it in person, I fell even harder! The vibrancy of the colors paired with the large print are just stunning. For the lining I used the same red cotton lawn as the exterior.


Playsuits forever

Katy: I don’t know about you, but I just love that Laney got so meta with her tulip print tulip skirt, haha!

I went full out Copacabana with this project. Too bad you can’t find a decent Pina Colada on Revere beach at 8am. Plenty of shirtless old men shuffling about, but not a Pina Colada in sight. My look is also heavily influenced by Dolce and Gabbana. You can find my inspiration for the tie straps here and pencil skirt bustier combination here.

Katy full playsuit

I’m sorry to say it, but the pattern instructions for this bustier pattern are abysmal. I know both Laney and I had tear-your-hair-out moments when we realized a cup piece had been sewn upside down. Yikes stripes! I’m not sure either of us would have persevered if we hadn’t been planning this post for ages. Blogging as a duo has the huge advantage of motivating me to work through mistakes that might otherwise cause me to throw up my hands and surrender. But fear not my trials will not be in vain. I decided to seize the opportunity and try my hand at a tutorial. A little how to assemble Burdastyle bustier top 5/2011 according to Katy. I took a million pictures while sewing so check back in a couple of weeks to see how I constructed this bustier.

Katy kick pleat

The bustier was a battle, but sewing my Charlotte skirt was easy as pie. I made just two changes; installing a lining and adding a kick pleat that is about a mile long. Look at this guy! I needed every inch too since I went for the full pattern length. Believe it or not that kick pleat starts two inches below the bottom of the zipper. Once you add angled top stitching to the beginning of the pleat it doesn’t open quite so high which we can all agree is a blessing. I just love the fit of this pattern. You can find a tutorial for adding a kick pleat here and a video on how to install a lining here.

Katy bustier backKaty bustier multiple views

Hope everyone is enjoying these last days of summer! Happy sewing.

<3 Katy & Laney

Playsuits together

Laney’s  Materials:

2.5 yards Red Cotton Lawn

2 yards Red Tulip Print Cotton

.5 yards of fusible interfacing

4 buttons

Hook and eye tape

Small Snaps



Nicola dress (for skirt)

Belladone dress pattern (for bustier straps)

Burdastyle bustier top 5/2011

Katy’s Materials:

Burdastyle bustier top 5/2011

Charlotte Skirt Pattern, By Hand London

3 yards Tropical Leaves Print Cotton

3 yards white Cotton Lawn (for underlining, the tropical leaves cotton was very thin)

2 yards of white lining

1 yard of Touch of Gold fusible interfacing

Hook and eye tape

Hook and eye

1 yard of Boning

11 inch invisible zipper