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White Hot Swiss Dot

Full length drinking Soda

Psst… Want to know a secret? I hadn’t really planned this top at all, nor did I have high hopes for it turning out so well, but now I love it!

I had the pattern for a while and knew I wanted to make up a test version to see if the fit was right for a future vintage dress overhaul project, but hadn’t had my heart set on any particular fabric, and may have just made a muslin rather than a wearable top. But, when I ended up with a good amount of this semi-sheer white swiss dot leftover after making a Eucalypt dress, I  decided it would make a very sweet bustier top. Hint: Keep your scraps – you never know when they will be perfect for lining, underlining, or even making a whole new garment!

collage with mural

I used McCall’s pattern M6325 and made version C – the only alteration I made was to gather in the tops of the bust cups because it was gaping a bit too much at the armpits and sitting to far away from my chest. Katy actually helped me come up with that simple, and I think flattering, solution which saved me from deconstructing a mostly finished, fiddly top.

full length

I underlined all of the swiss dot fabric because it was so thin, interfaced the straps and bust cup lining pieces, and lined the upper portion of the top. I french seamed the bottom pieces together, and the bottom portion to the top. There were so many pattern pieces to cut and keep track of, what with all the underlining, lining, and interfacing… but I think the end result was worth it! There is a lot of ease incorporated into the pattern so pay attention to the finished measurements marked on the pattern pieces when deciding which size to cut to ensure a close fit.

top with soda


1 yd cotton swiss dot

1 yd white cotton lining

1/2 yd fusible interfacing

8 Shell Buttons

Pattern – McCall’s M6325

Full length with mural

23 thoughts on “White Hot Swiss Dot

  1. I made this too and had a hell of a time fitting the cups and had the same problem with it sitting away from the body. I’m going to steal the gathering idea if I pull out that pattern again. Love it.

    • Oh, bust cups, how fickle they can be… please do borrow the gathers if you decide to make this pattern again! I think there is a lot of potential with the pattern, once you get the fit right.

  2. Your leftovers and fitting oops turned into something beautiful! The pleating fix at the center of the cups reminds me of a Marc Jacobs dress design I loved from a while back- I wish I could find a picture of it!

  3. This is so cool! The first thing I noticed was the gathered top part of the bust and I thought “what a great and interesting feature”. Love it when those happy little accidents happen. Awesome stash-busting make, and as always kick arse styling ladies :)

    • Yes, when Katy proposed it as a solution it was a ‘smack your forehead’ moment – it was the perfect solution and I am happy with how it looks. I am so glad you enjoy our styling – we have so much fun doing it!

    • Thanks – sometimes the pattern illustrations on the package make it hard to see its full potential, but I think this one can be made into many cute variations. I hope yours sews up beautifully!

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