House Dress

House Dress

House Dress

Do you believe in love at first sight? When it comes to fabric I do, and I fell hard for this textile!

A significant percentage of my grad school stipend was spent on Nordic beauties such as this fabric that I found at Northlight, a fabulous Scandinavian home store. Whenever a new season of fabrics arrived a choice textile would be hung in the window. This was plain evil. If you go to the Northlight fabric shop you will see what I mean. And you though IKEA drove you mad. I’m sorry to say I’ve just introduced you to a whole new level of lust.

House Dress

House Dress multiple views 2

My house dress was constructed a couple years ago during the Balmain shoulder craze. The pattern is from Burdastyle magazine issue 09/2009 dress 112. This pattern has some really lovely details in the pleating and shoulder pieces that can be better appreciated in the technical drawing. It would look lovely in a solid, but as it happens the front pleat is just perfect for featuring a house.


I made a couple modifications to the original pattern which include an exposed metal zipper and shoulder pads. I also shortened the hemline as much as I dared to balance the football shoulders. This ain’t your grandma’s house dress.

House Dress multiple views 3

House Dress 2


Pattern Burdastyle magazine issue 09/2009 dress 112

Prastliden Green fabric

1/2 yard green lining

22” metal zipper

shoulder pads



Tildon Flawless Bootie, Nordstrom

Earings, Primark

6 Pack Rings, H&M

Hair, chestnut bun tutorial

gratuitous shoe photo

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19 thoughts on “House Dress

  1. Ohemmmgee! gorj! What a super dooper dress. I love colour & prints and just like you would totes be a sucker for that hanging in a shop front. eep! well done this dress looks immaculate :)

    • Thank you! This fabric is still one of my favorites. I was so happy to see the Northlight had an online shop so I could get my hands on more.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this dress and have been searching hell and high waters to find this pattern!!! Any ideas where I can find it, it’s not on the burda style website :/

    • Sometimes you can find old issues of Burdastyle on etsy or ebay. You’d be looking for the 09/2009 issue. Do you know what size you are in Burdastyle patterns? I could send you a tracing.

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