Butt Ruffle Feature

Butt Ruffle

Sleeveless Archer

How did I live before this butt ruffle? Be warned, I will probably make a million Archer Button Ups, but first it had the be the butt ruffle variation.

I cut a size 2 and made no alterations except those outlined in Jen’s sleeveless Archer tutorial. Okay okay, I did french my seams since this top is sheer and the fabric is a cheap fraying nightmare. I actually convinced myself that it was a positive this fabric was slippery as %$@#! Nobody mastered chiffon by sewing exclusively quilting cotton, or so my internal logic goes. I’ve sort of taught myself to sew by jumping in head first, but this method does require that a project or two is ruined as collateral damage.

Butt Ruffle multiple views

Windging aside, I love this top. The Archer Button Up Shirt is my first Grainline pattern and I am already dreaming about my next, maybe some maritime shorts or a scout tee. Oh and don’t forget that this pattern has 1/2 inch seam allowances rather than the standard 5/8ths, I almost missed that detail.
Polka dot Archer

Pair my new button up with iris shorts and my dream of a matchy matchy polka dot ensemble is actualized.

Stair views


Archer Button Up Shirt pattern, Grainline Studio

2 yards of polka dot chiffon, Denver Fabrics

1 yard touch of gold interfacing

8  3/8 inch shell buttons

white thread


red socks, Gap

Warrior Triad Necklace, Bauble Bar

Polka Dot Iris shorts

Lunna flat, DV by dolce vita, Nordstrom

black blazer, J. Crew

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11 thoughts on “Butt Ruffle

  1. I like your “let’s just make this chiffon my bitch” attitude. I tried something similiar. And have yet to go back to working it with it. Oh the horror. Seems like it worked out – very pretty ruffley butt blouse. Your whole little suit is quite perfect actually. Lusting after your red socks n’ loafers. And brownstone backdrop.

    • You can’t let the chiffon smell your fear, that is for sure. There was certainly cursing involved, but a garment isn’t really hand-made if it doesn’t bring out the sailor in you. I haven’t touched chiffon since I finished this blouse. I give it one to two months before sewing amnesia sets in and I find myself doing battle once more. So glad to hear others like this butt ruffle too!

    • I’m looking forward to wearing this baby to work. It can be quite funny to watch other scientists react to my wardrobe. I don’t think they’ve seen a butt ruffle before, but it is high time they were introduced.

  2. This is so cute! I love the ruffle version– definitely need one soon! I love the sheer look, too. It’s adorable! I always forget about the 1/2″ SA with Grainline patterns, so I stick a piece of blue painter’s tape on the 1/2″ line on my machine to remind myself while I’m sewing.

    • That is a great tip! Fortunately this button up is roomy. I probably would have gotten away with 5/8 seam allowances, but I’m glad I caught myself.

  3. This looks great! I love the polka dot on polka dot ensemble. I recently sewed an archer with a slippery chiffon also and found that if I slowed down and took my time it wasn’t all that bad. I have a tendency to want my projects done now!

  4. It looks great! And congrats on your bravery with the chiffon! I did one project with chiffon and it did not go so well… I’d never heard of Grainline patterns… so I’m off to check those out now!

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