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Hot Pink American Summer

I often like to separate my larger, more challenging sewing projects with smaller, simpler ones so I can keep up my creative momentum and don’t procrastinate starting another big project for too long. It also gives me something new and fun to wear while working on an item that may take a while to finish. This skirt was one of those in-between pick-me-up projects.

opener 2I made this easy-breasy gathered skirt using Pattern Runway‘s (free!) Very Gathered Skirt pattern. I chose a very drapey, bright pink poly. It is such a great summer skirt, but can also be layered-up and worn in the fall and winter to bring some color into the greyer seasons.  F trio

This would be a fantastic beginners sewing project because there are no buttons or zippers, just elastic in the back waistband. There are optional side-seam pockets, which I did not include because they caused too much drag for the  lightweight fabric.


Katy and I wish everyone in the States a wonderful Independence Day!

Indie Pattern Month

Indie Pattern Month

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12 thoughts on “Hot Pink American Summer

  1. I love this! It looks so stylish and destined to become a wardrobe staple. I hadn’t seen this pattern before and think this could work as a pregnancy skirt for me as I’m rapidly running out of things that fit. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I used a polyester I bought at Grey’s Fabric and Notions – there is still some in stock there, but only in this color. You can call and have some shipped!

      • I actually have enough fuschia poly chiffon left over from my Archer make that I set aside for this pattern. Great minds totally think alike.

  2. Lovely colour on you and I do like your idea of having an inbetween project. I think I need this too. I set challenges for myself and if its mistakes and stressy sewing project after project it doesnt end up much fun does it!?! Yay for indie pattern month, its been fun!

    • Thank you! It’s not a color I would normally go for, but I think the pink is just red enough that it works. You should give a simple in-between project a try and see if it works for you!

  3. So pretty and I love the colour! I feel you on the simple in between projects, I’m working on a blazer and have made a few simple tops in the past few weeks to break up the monotony of pressing facings and notched lapels :/

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