Victoria Blazer and Iris Shorts


Foxy Victoria Blazer and matching Iris Shorts

I know, I know it’s June and I’m wearing a sweater and  blazer. I was roasting! But I knew I couldn’t wait until fall to try my hand at the Victoria Blazer, By Hand London’s newest pattern. Plus June is independent pattern month, what is a girl to do?

I’ve been ogling oversized Stella McCartney coats for a while now, but you never know how these things will look on you. Enter the Victoria Blazer and my chance to find out. My Victoria is in a US size 2/UK size 6*, no sizing alterations. It was very helpful to have the finished garment measurements as well as the sizing chart so I could be sure that the blazer would be roomy when completed.

I think everyone has guessed my major alteration by now, color blocking. The top of my coat is a butterscotch sateen cotton and the bottom is cut from yellow and black wool. All the pattern pieces were interfaced with my new favorite, Touch of Gold interfacing, to add a little heft to the fabrics. This also prevented stretching while I was sewing and pressing which was an extra bonus. I used the cutting line for the cropped blazer variation to divide the front and back pattern pieces in two. If you use this method don’t forget to add seam allowances (5/8 of an inch) along the new edges where the pattern was slashed. You will need to add seam allowances to both the top and bottom panels on the cropped jacket line where you cut.

Foxy Victoria Blazer and Iris Shorts

And what outfit is complete without matching shorts? Sarai I can’t stop making your Iris shorts. This is my third pair (1, 2)! Again I made what has become my standard alterations; front fly zip, moving the pockets to the side seams, and raising the waist. If you haven’t seen Sandra Betzina’s video on how to install front fly zippers, I HIGHLY recommend it. Turns out there is nothing particularly difficult or scary about the front fly zip once someone explains the construction to you.

Foxy Iris shorts

And if you’re not into fox sweaters (I hope you’re feeling okay) maybe I can seduce you with a sloppy white Oxford shirt?

Victoria, Iris, and a sloppy Oxford

One final note before I sign off, I’ll be teaching a Victoria Blazer class at Grey’s Fabric and Notions in Boston July 18th and 25th. If you’ve done a little sewing before this project is a great introduction to garment construction and set in sleeves.

sloopy Oxford with Victoria and Iris


Victoria Blazer:

Victoria Blazer Pattern, By Hand London

2 1/2 yards butterscotch cotton sateen

1/2 to 3/4 yards of wool

2 1/4 yards black lining

3 to 4 yards Touch of Gold interfacing

black and butterscotch thread

Iris Shorts:

Iris Shorts Pattern, Colette Patterns

1 yard wool

1 yard black lining

1 1/2 to 2 yards Touch of Gold interfacing

hook and eye

black thread

*I’ve noticed that some Victoria Blazer envelopes have different sizing, for example US2/UK4 are the same size. Just to clear up any confusion I made the smallest size with no sizing alterations.

Indie Pattern Month Button 2013

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32 thoughts on “Foxy

  1. Arrrrg this is WONDERFUL!!! Super chic… we are massively digging the colour blocking and matching shorts combo. Such a hot look. Super excited you’ll be teaching the class at Grey’s – let us know how it goes! x

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  3. I’m loving mustard everything at the moment so this is me all over. Great moderation and shoot styling I might add. Well done Katy and best of luck for the class.

  4. Wow, this outfit is so lovely! Those shorts look great on you; I mean, GREAT!! And I’m nuts for your fox sweater. Do people ever say you look foxy in it? It’d be kinda dorky-sweet if they do.

    • Laney gifted me the fox sweater when she was sorting through her closet this summer. Crazy I know! Sadly it has been much too hot in Boston to wear it just yet, but come fall watch out! I admit I harbor a secret wish that someone will comment on its foxiness. Here’s hoping…

  5. This is extremely awesome, I love the color blocking! And your “foxy” sweater :) I am starting this pattern tonight, and this totally helped me end my indecision over which size to make, so thanks for including that!

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  7. This is fantastic!! I was just looking for some inspiration for some fabric that I bought this weekend, and this will probably stay pretty high on the radar… So stylish!!

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