V8877 in Jamaica Plain

V8877 in Jamaica Plain

V8877 in Jamaica Plain

If only I knew the story behind this mural of a bottle plus animal behind! Double rainbow. What does it mean?

The top is made from very easy vogue pattern V8877 in a size small. It has been a great piece for my everyday wardrobe. I chose a sheer synthetic fabric for the top panel and a black bamboo knit for the bottom.  I made only one small alteration on the sleeves which are now ruched along part of the shoulder/sleeve seam. Dirty little secret, the ruching wasn’t premeditated. Gasp! My el cheapo sheer fabric stretched tragically while I was hemming the sleeves. Thank goodness the lovely ladies at crafty foxes sewing club suggested this genius fix. I have a feeling I could have been picking and resewing that hem forever without being satisfied.

V8877 in Jamaica Plain three views


Vogue pattern V8877

5/8 yards of black sheer fabric

1 and 1/4 yards of black bamboo knit fabric

black thread

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