Chiffon Maxi Skirt

The credit for this skirt should really go to Jen of Grainline Studio. Her cobalt chiffon midi skirt caught my eye last September and I’ve been dreaming about making one of my own ever since.

Blue Chiffon Maxi skirtChiffon Maxi skirt

This project is a good introduction into sewing with chiffon because, at least in my version, the chiffon is all cut (actually ripped) on the grain or cross grain. The underskirt that falls just above the knee can be made from any skirt pattern with a waist band. I am hoping to wear this skirt through the spring and summer so I choose a cotton voile for the underskirt. A few years ago I discovered that legs are capable of sweating quite profusely when wrapped in synthetic bargain lining so I really wanted to use a natural fiber for this project. While I wanted the underskirt to peak through the chiffon maxi skirt, I did not want my undies to peak through the lawn so I made the underskirt from two layers. However, have you seen Cara Delevingne in the Burberry Prorsum fall runway show? I may have to revisit my underpants theory, but I digress. The chiffon maxi skirt is constructed from two large rectangles of chiffon. I made up the dimensions on the fly. I put on the underskirt (without waistband attached) and measured from the top to the floor. Add allowance for hem and voilà, the length of your side seam (or the sides of your chiffon rectangles). For the rectangle width I used 41 inches. I don’t have a great answer for how I came up with this figure, but it is roughly twice the width of the underskirt plus a little extra. I have found that some maxi skirts are too narrow at the bottom and make it impossible to walk like a normal person, hence the extra inches I threw in. I used French seams on the sides and then ran two rows of basting stick around the top. Gather the chiffon and pin it to the underskirt, matching up the side seams of all three layers. I chose a side zip like Jen. She did a nice tutorial on one way to deal with a zipper through multiple layers. Add the waist band, hem, and you’ve got a maxi skirt.

Chiffon Maxi Skirt Details

Blue Chiffon Skirt multiple views


Your favorite skirt pattern with waistband

2 ½ yards of cobalt chiffon

2 yards of royal navy cotton voile

invisible zipper


Hook and eye