Wax print

Wax print peplumI do enjoy a good wax print.

This peplum top is a Frankenpattern that I created from the bodice of a favorite vintage pattern, Vogue 5842, and the peplum of Vogue 8815. This fusion turned out to be fairly straightforward; I simply ensured that the circumference at the bottom of the bodice was the same as the circumference at the top of the peplum. I made life a bit more complicated (it is my way) by adding black piping and geometric shapes topstitched to the sides. I blame Pabral Gurung’s Spring 2012 show for this decision. Not much fun to line those shapes up. I’ll leave it at that.

Wax print peplum side

Wax print peplum back

Naturally, a lime green peplum is never enough and I constructed a matching skirt from Burdastyle skirt pattern 107 in the 2/2011 magazine.

Wax print peplum and skirt

The skirt pattern is most recognizable from the back. Originally I added seams to the front of the skirt where the darts were placed so that I could add contrasting panels at the sides. In the end I scrapped this idea and left the front seams which are accented with piping.


Wax print skirt back

Wax print skirt side

Happy Spring!


Vogue 5842

Vogue 8815

Burdastyle 107 issue 2/2011

2 ½ yards wax print cotton

½ yard black cotton

½ yard interfacing

1 yard lining

Black piping

2 zippers


Hook and eye